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Mmmm, Pai

we go raving then shoot of to the town of Pai where we spend our last few days in Thailand

sunny -17 °C

Having run out of things to do in Chiang Mai, we decided to leave and head north by minibus to a smallish town called Pai...so we did. Not, however, before getting drunk and spending a night in Bubble, one of the major "night clubs" in Chiang Mai, where we arrived just in time for 2-hours of Cyber-Trance!

Being no strangers to the rave we quickly got our sweat on and elbowed our way through the hordes of strange, strange...people (the genders were ambiguous) to the middle of the dance floor - mission success we decided.


When it finally closed we tried to leave but had lost Will's cloak-room ticket for his bag (I still think Will ate it to absorb the alcohol in his stomach...desperate times y'know). Anyhoo, after being told that we'd have to pay something like 600 Baht (about £10) to get his bag back, Will decided that enough was enough, seized his back and we fled the scene, returning only once to claim back some Diet Pepsi that we'd left outside.

So anyway; Pai. We took a 4ish hour mini-bus that zoomed through the twisted mountains of northern Thailand, making my hangover much, much worse. I survived none-the-less and, upon arrival in Pai, we checked in to a cool little guesthouse which even gave us a TV!! Naturally we spent the evening eating the local cuisine then watching cartoons until the wee hours of the morning.

The next day we rented mopeds all over and again and whizzed off to see the local attractions - first stop being the hot springs...oh yes...


Am I naked? I guess we'll never know. What we do know though is that the hot springs were hot and MOST relaxing, so we spent a good deal of time chilling out and exfoliaing with the stones that were scattered about the palce. Naturally Matt managed to exfoliate-away all his sun-cream and subsequently burnt horribly over the next few hours...foolish child.

After the hot springs we headed north, searching for a very elusive waterfall. During our search, we came across Pai Gorge which Will and I explored for a fair while. Knowing that my shoes lacked grip I cleverly left them behind and traversed the agonisingly stoney ground in bare feet...

This foolish mistake because even worse as the ground warmed up in the midday sun and left me scampering about like a monkey with a taser up it's butt. Oooo, speaking of which we saw a little monkey in Pai, he was very VERY cute, see here now;


But yes, we eventually found the waterfall and it was by far my favourite so far. In a secluded cave it was possibly the tallest one that we found and had lots of cool caves and trees to play in too :)


Matt is in there...you see him?

Then we headed home via another, less impressive waterfall. Home once again involved eating and tattoo planning.

Since we only stayed 2 nights in Pai, that was our last night and we once again watched cartoons and chilled out, having had an AWESOME dinner. So many cartoons did we watch (they only had discovery channel and nicoldeaononaonwhatever) that we got hungry again and went out for a midnight curry which was...dubious.

The next day we whizzed around some more and then caught a bus back to Chiang Mai where we spent the evening at the night market (again...have I told you we'd already been there twice? No? Well we had). I bought loads of new crap, as did Matt. Will however went home early since he'd been feeling mighty shitty after our midnight curry, the poor old fellow.

Then I gave a fashion show of my new clothes


The next day we got up early and attended a day-long Thai Massage course which was duely hilarious, especially since the lady said all her 'L's as 'R's...i.e. "rift the reg here, bending, then pressing a coupre times, first very rightry, then medium, hard, then circre the thumb..."

We controlled our laughter quite easily however, since we were far too busy feeling awkward as we practised our massage on each other... Or rather, I massaged Will, he massaged me and Matt massaged an old Thai lady... "Press deeeep in the groin there..." OOOooooohhh YEEEEAAAAHHHHH

After the joys of learning submission holds, we tuk-tuked to the cinema and watched the first 40 mins of Harry Potter after perusing the scariest Mall in all the world...there was something just...odd about the whole place...


Then it was an uncomfy bus ride all the way back to Bangkok where we found a place to sleep before heading out into KoSarn road where we pissed-about and eventually got Henna Tattoos. Mine went very, very wrong and Matt's got smudged so badly that now his thumb is lovely shade of brown. Will's went perfectly...of course.


I hailed a girl called Alicia (I didn't know that when I hailed her) in the middle of the road and invited her to come eat and drink with us. She agreed and we spent a fair few hours in Gaylord Indian restarurant havnig a laugh. Then Will and Matt went to bed, while Alicia and I fought our way through ping-pong shows to a night market, where we wandered around enjoying the atmosphere and buying more funky things.

Then we tuk-tuked home and said bye.

We got up at 06:00, ate some food and got on the plane...


The price...10 Baht

The King...Mr. Whiskey

We drank with...Steve

We lost...many things (including Steve)

Injuries, illnesses and strange skin conditions...frequent and reoccurring

The duration...24 days

The fun....MAXIMAL

The unfun...minimal?

3 travelling girls but only 2 beds....


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For you...10 Baht

I try to sumarise the last however many days

sunny -17 °C

It has been many moons since I last wrote this blog (that is a lie; the moon hasn't even had a haircut since I last wrote) but it feels like quite a lot has happened. The night before we were due to leave Ko Phi Phi we attended the "Half Moon" Party at Hippies bar which was good fun until, for some reaon, they turned the music off at 2am.

Luckily we had rented a guitar out that morning and, having spent the day on the beach having a sing song, we were only too happy to whip her out and do it all over again with the people at the party.


Then the drinking continued with compadres from out guesthouse, includng a guy called Tim who told us the "place to stay" in Chiang Mai - information which we knew would be valuable. This is roughly what we looked like;


Needless to say twas good fun, but it went on very very late and eventually we stumbled back home prepared for about 3 horus of sleep. The next day we hauled ourselves up to leave Ko Phi Phi by ferry, but not before bidding a fond farewell to Anil, our tailor who had worked so hard on our suits.

I decided to purcahse another bag for us to load our suits into because we didn't like the thought of cramming them into our backpacks and, being the legend that he is, Anil took me round the relevent shops, haggled the price down to something even more reaonable and even PAID for the bag when I discovered that I had left my purse o' moneys back in his shop!

Twas a great shame we had already booked our tickets from Ko Phi Phi to Chiang Mai (30 hours of train), because Anil offered to take the day off work and show us around Phuket, where his family run an Indian Restauant amoungst other things! We tried to change our tickets, but sadly it seemed impossible and we were forced to leave Ko Phi Phi just a little too early, though we had had an amazing time!

The ferry crossing was fine, the bus at the other end was alright but the train to Bangkok that night was horrendous. The heat was insane and, despite a total lack of sleep the night before, we simply couldn't drift off for hours. When we did eventually get some shut-eye, our dreams were strange and twsited - I won't recount them for fear of scaring the children.

We arrived in Bangkok at about 08:30 and hopped on a Tuk Tuk to see the Grand Palace. It looked OK but Will and I weren't allowed in because we were wearing shorts - CURSES! Instead we bought some HORRIBLE food (pizza is NOT pizza in Thailand...it's...dessert?!) and retired to an air conditioned room that had some better food (most of what we do centres around food).

Another Tuk Tuk followed that took us to see the...something Buddah (I lose track, there are so damn many) which was awesome and then onwards to the Golden Mountain. The time inbetween was not without incident however, as the driver took us first to a suit shop which we flatly refufsed to look at and then stopped in the middle fo the road to say that he was going to take us to the TAT booking place before the Golden Montain. We told him not to bother but he was insistent.

So we got out and told him to stick it.

So twas a different tuk tuk that shoved us at the Golden Mountain, which we ascended and took some pictures of for the delicious irony that our philosophy tutors would adore. Then we leapt in one last Tuk Tuk that took us to the station where we caught another train to Chiang Mai.


We arrived, after another TERRIBLE night that has convinced us to stop paying more for trains and stick to buses, at about 05:00 and caught the first taxi to a guesthouse that a friend on Phi Phi had recommended. There we crashed on the beds before rising around midday to eat and check out Chiang Mai.

That evening we met a girl called Case (Kate? Somthing like that, I never really understood) and we took a taxi to a massive Buddhist temple with oh so much history on top of a mountain, where she promised there would be an awesome sunset. Well...there was no sunset but the place was lovely and we had a great time lookig around, taking pictures and laughing at the strange chanting monks.

All good fun, except for the steps, of which there were quite a lot...


Then we whizzed back down the mountain, ate some dinner and headed to the Chiang Mai night market where we bartered and argued our way to some new possessions.

The next day we got up early and jumped in a taxi which took us, via a market where I was repeatedly ripped off by strange Hilltribe women, to a base camp at the bottom of a mountain in the jungle. Here we ate, met a guide called Mr. Whiskey and started on a 3-day long trek through the jungle! "AMAZING!"would be an understatment when applied to the jungle and, though the first day of walking was mostly uphill and quite strenuous, there was ample pauses and let-ups in the walking to allow us to take in the breathtaking scenery.


We swam in waterfalls and hiked up hills until eventually we ended up in a small Hilltribe village where we stopped for the night.


That evening we were treated to a variety of bizaare songs from Mr. Whiskey, as well as a lovely dinner and a great drinking game involving (would you believe it)...whiskey. It was great fun and we laughed our way to sleep, though we actaully hit the hay at about 21:20 it felt like about 02:00!

The next day of trekking was much easier and involved stopping at a few more waterfalls and multiple Hilltribe villages where more crazy old women would try to sell us the same old crap but generally it was still good fun.


The night was spent sleeping in another bamboo hut but this one was next to a white-water rafting area, so there was a costant roar like a waterfall all ngiht long. Will and I went to bed at about 18:00 but once again sleep did not come easily and we were shattered the next day.

I woke Will up the next day in the most unconventional way - by 'toast-facing' him...


The first thing the next day invovled was an hour-long elephant trek (or ELEPHANT RACE as we treated it) through the jungle. Despite Matt's elephant being retarded, it somhow mananged to beat mine and Will's elephant, which was painfully slow at the best of times...apart from when it was half walking, half falling downhill...at which point it became terrifyingly quick!

Well, we survived (despite our best efforts) and, having dismounted the elephants, we slung on some super-cool saftey equipment-type stuff and went white-water rafting down the river - a thrilling experience.

hen we switched our inflatable-rafty thing for a bamboo raft and floated the rest of the way down the river to the end of the trek.


Those few hundred words do not justice to the joy of the trek, but they will have to suffice because I do not have very long on the internet at the moment. Since arriving back from the trek we have been eating banoffee pie and have had a massage which varied from massively relaxing, through semi-painful to borderline-wrestling...


Tommorrow we catch a bus to Pai where we will stay for 2 nights, checking out the hot springs and suchforth, before coming back here for a night then overnight busing to Bangkok to sleep in the airport before returning home.


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we continue to drink for free on Ko Phi Phi

sunny -17 °C

After the previous night's explosion of manly mock-combat and powerful rum we awoke to none-too-pleasant hangovers which we managed to kick with hearty lunches. A brief stroll took us back to the beach where Matt and I hired a Kayak (or a Tri-ak as they are ingeniously named since there is room for THREE people in them...witty people these Thai chaps!)

Aiming ourselves roughly for Barbados we headed out into the raging seas, singing nautical rhyme and generally pirating around...or as much pirating as one can achieve in a plastic canoe-thing. Will stayed on shore guarding our bags and throwing up - the hangover plus some very dodgey Thai buffet food from the night before had left his stomach in more of a wreck than our Tri-ak after 45 mintues of pissing around by the rocks.

Aye, Matt and I managed to win some kind of award for "Most Retarded Tri-ak-ists Of All Time" by cap-sising (?) at least a dozen times after I leapt out of the boat to claim "the map" which turned out to be an old sack... 'twasn't worth it. It honestly was the cloest I've ever felt to drowning...and it would have been purely because I was laughing too hard to breath or swim. I have to say it wouldn't have been my ideal death.

Needless to say we drowned at sea, but once great Odin had granted us second life we returned to shore and purchased an American football and some ice-cream :D Twas ace, though I was shocked to read that my chocolate cornetto was 2.7% chocolate...what the hell was the other 97.3%?! Who knows. Cabbage? Probably not. Mead? Definately not, this is not Valhalla yet my boy.

Will was feeling slightly better after throwing up most of his insides (except his appendix - ironically he managed to keep that) so we ran into the sea and played a game that we named "toss the ball in the general direction of the other person and try to snatch it out of the air before it hits the water". Twas fairly reminiscent of a more popular game "catch", only with 200% less motor co-orindation and absolutely no "cool" factor due to...well...due to us. But it was fun.

The girl from Marlow that we met the night (did I tell you about her? If not - we met a girl from Marlow, which is like tne-minutes drive from us) before turned up and joined in with her friend, but she put us to shame so quickly that we soon bullied her out of the game.

Then twas back to shore again where we relaxed on the beach, inventing tails about the "3 Emperor Dogs" to add to our version of the apocalypse. It is coming along well, I will write it out in full some time.

Then twas off into town for yet another suit fitting and then we headed towards Hippies Bar where my friend Steph had told me that they hold open mic nights. Luckily for us it had just started and we were treated to some rather odd interpretations of some fairly well know songs - twas...good? However, twas not really an open mic night since the guy who was organising it played a 2 hour long set...

He did, however, let me play 2 songs in the middle of it, turning Will down all-together when he asked to play. We were not impressed. My renditions of Peaches and Cream by John Butler and Carvel by John Frusciante went...slightly below averagely and were met by the appropriate lack of noise, but I had fun and I was given yet another free bucket of drink.

...then the waitress came over and spoke to us, asking whether we wanted to take part in a "contest"...

...my response went something like this...

"so...we neck 2 beers...a bucket of rum and oragne...then and six shots...for free? And if we do it faster than anybody else...we win a free bottle of tequila? For free? We pay nothing...nothing at all? ...nice..."

And that was that. The teams were gathered - there were about 6 teams of 2; Will and Matt made one, me and some Irish fool made up another, and the gauntlet was thrown down. The idea was to each neck a beer as fast as possible, run to the next stool, drink the rum n' orange bucket as fast as possible, run to the table and knock back 3 shots each...then hurl if so required.

The chaos...was absolute. It was sado-masachism in its most drunken form as each team was cheered on by a hundred rapid party-goes as they drank and hurled and drank and hurled again, all the way to the end. I am proud to say that, of all 12 drinkers...Matt and I were the only ones who did not vomit. But this is because we are seasoned feasters.

The real prize goes to Will; for doing the whole thing despite being horribly ill!

No, I lie. The REAL prize went to a team from England who beat me and Irish Fool by 1-second. So we missed out of the bottle of Tequilla, but second-place won me ANOTHER bucket of booze! Will n Matt came third, winning a big bottle of beer each...bringing our total free drink that evening to 3.5 buckets, 4 beers and 9 shots...nice...

The rest of the night dissolved into drunken dancing and partying and I ended up playing guitar and singing for a group of 3 Thai guys who insisted on recording everything I played on their phones, informing me that my drunken renditions of Times Like These and Ed's Potatoes Song would be number one in Thailand because Thai music hurts people's ears...

It was a nice compliment but for some reason I didn't believe them, especially when they started playing the recordings back to me...oi oi oi...the fatalities at the Somme are nothing compared to the amount of deaths that I died over those minutes...

Eventually I managed to leave, but not before they had demanded that I play Zombie by the Cranberries - a song that I cannot stand listening to (let alone playing) at the moment without getting somewhat down in the mouth; it has connections to my recent ex-girlfriend. I thrashed through it anyway, we had a nice old sing song and I stumbled home to bed.

Today we are hopefully going rock climbing, snorkelling and cliff jumping...but we'll see what happens. Sorry for the lack of photos - it has all been...too drunken...

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Sand, Sea, Suits and Pro-Wrestling

Ko Phi Phi takes us under her wing...for she is a bird...right?

sunny -17 °C

We left Ko Pan-nagn at 07:00 in sombre moods. The reasons were many; asides from Will getting some bad news from home and Matt being fined 50 quid for crashing his moped, I had the far larger problem of having not had time for BREAKFAST!

It was not a problem for long however as the ferry sold foods of varying quality and naturally we bought the worst of the quality - some foul tasting shrip noodley things, with sauce as hot as your face. (Not your literally YOUR face, I mean 'your face' in the illustrative sense only).

Of course, what the noodles lacked in nutrition and oral delight they made up for in sporting potential and utlity and I was offered 1B (about 1.4p) to drink the entire noodle sauce. Naturally I accepted and gagged my way to the end. I immediately regretted my decision and I still do - there was no gain, no gain at all. Only stomach cramps and discoloured teeth for a few hours.

Matt's arm wasn't looking too great after his moped stunts so I hydrogen peroxided it, just for fun and to see him suffer as I had. (A vast exaggeration). All in all the ferry was uneventful but served up some laughs. Then there was a bus to Surat Thani, 2 taxis to random loactions and a final big ol' bus to Krabi where we caught a ferry to Ko Phi Phi.

We asked around and found some cheap accomadation (about 8 quid a night for all 3 of us) outside of town where we have stayed for 4 nights now - and they have been good nights! The first one was a quiet one filled with much needed sleep after a long day of travelling, the next day became an extention of the chilling out as we spent it on the beach playing a sweet game involving pulling a large rope around and building a 'sandcastle' (Will's effort; it looked more like a sand-face...where the face was a bad replica of Will's already ugly face...Will...Will is ugly...is what I'm saying here).

Naturally there was swimming and sunbathing and general kick-backing relaxing to the max, pax-man laxing to the slax-cham craxing. You get the idea. We then played "throw the sea-aspargum" which was more fun than it sounds (yes, it is possible).


We also located a cool little tailor: Phi Phi Fashion where we spent a little bit of time thinking about buying suits - something we all wanted but were enver entirely sure how or where to go about getting them done. Being us, the answer was always going to be Hell YEEEAAAAH from the moment we walked into the shop, but we spent an adequate amount of time making it look like we were being sensible mature human beings. So we had our measurements taken and and chose our fabrics.

Call us typical or unoriginal for buying suits in Thailand but my goodness I'm glad I did it and I will be doing it again - there is...no down side... Plus, think of all the little children you're helping...to find enployment.

Then twas homewards where we showered and sang songs - not simulatneously you'll be suprised to hear. apart from Matt, who HAS to sing "I'm A Little Teapot" everytime he comes into contact with water... We don't take him to foam parties.

We ate pizza that night to give our stomaches a break. Then we went out and investigated all the free drinks that were being given away at the various clubs etc. They were all good but we were going to need more if we were to get drunk. Sadly we had little money to spend since we were buying suits so we were stuck with having to try to drink for free.

Being generally unattractive (except for Will but he has a girlfriend, the thoughtless bastard) we could not sell our bodies for drink in a sexual way...

So instead, we headed down to the local Muai Thai boxing club/pub, where Will and I slung on the hot-pants and jumped in the ring. Not knowing how to Muai Thai fight, we ripped out an old school pro-wrestlig display (just to prove we still have 'it') and, once the the chaos had subsided, we were awarded with free buckets of booze - success!!


After a while of high-fives and such we coughed up for a bottle of rum which was swigged on a street corner, singing Tencaious D, listening to music, having "how far can you jump/hop/walk on your hands etc" competitions with the various people that passed us by until eventually we staggered home and collapsed into a lovely, drunken slumber.

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heffalumps and waterfalls :)

...a graceful time that does what it says on the tin...

sunny -17 °C

The exact goings-on at the full moon party will never be known because none of us can remember very much of it... What we can remember is that we drank some mega-buckets of rum...


...painted ourselves in flurescent war paint...


...and that Will passed out underneath the full moon party sign...


Oh and of course that it was AWESOME! :D

Saturday afternoon saw us crawl out from our beds a hungover mess of humanity. We each showered and delicatly made our way to the restaurant for breakfast - which aided the pain greatly. Having recovered somewhat, we decided to hire out 3 mopeds for a couple of days to allow to exploration of the many hidden treaures of Ko Pan-ngan.


Having never ridden (rode...driven...fucked-about on) mopeds before we had to lie a little bit here and there, but it didn't matter hugely as we were all such quick learners; in a matter of minutes we were speeding down the road, feeling the Gs tug at our faces as 20 kph of sheer pressure threatened to unbalance us!

Even at such breakneck speeds we managed to hold our form together all the way to the Northern end of "the road" that Ko pan-ngan is blessed with, right up until a patch of sand leapt out onto the road in front of us. Will managed to hold the wobble of his speeding bike, but alas Matt was not so lucky and he was hurled from his bike, crashing and skidding along the floor.

Once I had wrenched the bike off of his ankle Matt proclaimed to be fine. But, of course, he was wrong.

The burns and scrapes down his arm were somehwat unsightly, but luckily we are hardened veterens of disgusting sights (hence we can stand to travel with each other without wearing our full-head balaclavas that we wear around most other people.)


After a brief recovery time we headed back down the road to a pharmacy where a kind old man sorted us out with all the shit we'd need to sort out Matt's arm, even helping us to apply it the first time. Matt apparently wasn't so keen on me wiping his arm with hydrogen peroxide, so the old man took it upon himself to pour the acid all over Matt's arm instead - an old Thai tradition??

Either way, it seemed to do the trick and once Matt''s screams ofagony had died away we headed homewards.

We stopped before we got home though and Matt had an hour-long Thai massage whilst Will and I pressed on down the road, intent on discovering just how fast these mopeds could go ("very fast" is apparently about their top speed). We even found a giant shell!


Then we joined Matt and took him South down the road (much easier than travelling North) so that he could regain his shattered confidence in mopeds. It didn't take long and quickly we were speeding along happily and we headed home for dinner That evening we decided to go out for a drink and we headed back to the Bamboo Tattoo shop where they also had a bar. The guy there invited us in and sat us down on an awesome kind of "island of wood" surrounded by a small moat, complete with fish!

Will and I ordered cocktails but, since the barman was missing, the guy suggested that Will make his own cocktail. After a nano-second of consideration (for which he was chided - (untrue - there was actually no hesitation)) Will jumped behind the bar and slung together his drink, making only one mistake I think...adding Whiskey instead of...something... Then I made my drink (Muai Thai mix of rum - ace) and we chilled out big time. Then home and BEEEEDDD!!


Sunday was a day of joyfulness which started out with the re-cleaning and dressing of Matt's injury before a hearty breakfast. We then boarded our mopeds of glory and headed North, aiming for the waterfalls in the middle of the island. We got a tiny bit lost but before long we were hiking along jungle paths and up a mountain.

The first waterfall saw the invention of the Ko Pha-Ngan Shuffle - a dance move invented by Matt in an attempt to swim without getting his arm wet! Further trekking found us another waterfall and a broken down bridge which Will and I considered trying to traverse but changed our mind when I discovered that the chances of surviving the crossing were about equal to the chances of one of us falling off our mopeds - which had already happened. (I should point out that by "broken down bridge" I mean "four ropes stretched across a chasm").

We followed a nature trail next and were treated to an incredible view of the jungle and the company of a friendly couple that offered to take our picture for us. So eager was Will to have his picture taken that he all but shoulder-barged Matt off the top of a the rock that we were precariously balanced on! Unluckily Matt's cat like agility and my hand on his butt managed to prevent what could have been a wonderfully cleansing experience for our group and Matt survived :(


Being such intreprid explorers we decided to make our way back by climbing down the waterfall itself, which turned out to be kickass fun; slowly creeping down the rocks, frequently discovering hidden pools to cleanse our sweat-drenched bodies (is anybody else very aroused right now? No?...just me then.)

After many hours of adventuring we got back to to the start, had a drink and headed home. There we had dinner and bought tickets to a show of Muai Thai boxing that was set to hit Haad Rin that evening

We chilled out on the beach for a few hours, listening to happy summery music then jumped on our mopeds again and headed south. We arrived early so we had some drinks and desserts at a little place a tad too near the prostitute...holes, for comfort. then we were back at the boxing and were witness to quite an interesting spectacle of dudes beating each other somewhat senseless!

There was crazy music, manic Thai people screaming and betting, fists, feet, knees, elbows etc etc and it was all madness

I have to admit that i didn't realise that apparently the 2 boxers have to have a dance-off before the actual bout but it happened every time and the best dancer nearly always won the fight - I think that is where the real competition lies.... Then we went home very satisfied with our day!

Upon waking today we decided that Matt's arm wasn't looking as great as it could have done (not unlike Matt himself), so we whizzed on down to the pharmacy where we bought some more medical supplies and consulted the pharmacist for his professional opinion. He informed us that the sun rises in the east but sets in the west, proving physics.

We weren't entirely sure what his point was so we just ignored him and asked about Matt's arm. He seemed to think it was all going well, so we bought some more anti-biotics just to make sure and headed back home via the Laundry. Then we cleaned and dressed matt's wound again, endulging in the hilarity of watching Matt's face change into different shades of red as the hydrogen peroxide ate through his skin.

After burning Matt's arm for a while we headed up for breakfast/lunch (of which I had 2) and then shot off up the road to the safari parky areay place...y. It wasn't hard to find; there was a sign and a clear turn beforehand on the map...of course the half-dozen elephants by the side of the road helped too!!

We jumped off our bikes - Will forgot to stop first and went flying headfirst into an elephant's colon where we left him to maranade in his mistake for a while.

Once we hauled him free and gave him a good laughing at we paid up and boarded a couple of elephants, which took us for a fairly sureal wander up into the park where we were treated to a couple of especially wonderful views. Going to be honest here; this particular instance of elephant-riding...was kind of screwed-up.

The elephants didn't really look healthy...and the way that a couple of (clearly insane) elephants were chained up to perform strange-ass stunts was also very creepy. Also the whole twatting-with-a-pickaxe-in-the-head thing...was a bit awkward... Buuuut, ethical dilemmas can wait for now; what really matters is that Matt looks ACE riding an elephant - behold;


We survived (as we keep doing) and headed further up the road to a port-type town where we drove on down some dirt tracks to find a beach with a swing and a "view point". The beach was definitely better than the view point for the simple reason that somebody had decided to build a house...ontop of the view point. So...unless walls are "your thing" the view wasn't exactly orgasmic.

We zoomed back down the road, past the elephants and stopped in Chinese temple where we took a good long look at golden Buddahs, statues of crazy-looking Gods of all kindsa stuff and some funky little orange frog that we decided was part way through a 10,000 year long drawing of breath before it wouuld start to sing the song that would signal the end of the world...

That's the kinda thng that you have to put with when travelling with Matt Bunn.

Homewards bound we then were, taking a few pictues on the way for memory's sake. Dinner followed and twas delicious as always. We've just finished eating; Matt is reading Livy and Will is probably listening to music. We leave tomorrow morning at 07:00 for Ko Phi Phi - we should be there by around 15:00...it's a fairly long trek but we've had much much worse and in the recent past too!

I'll letcha know more as it happens.

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