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Sand, Sea, Suits and Pro-Wrestling

Ko Phi Phi takes us under her wing...for she is a bird...right?

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We left Ko Pan-nagn at 07:00 in sombre moods. The reasons were many; asides from Will getting some bad news from home and Matt being fined 50 quid for crashing his moped, I had the far larger problem of having not had time for BREAKFAST!

It was not a problem for long however as the ferry sold foods of varying quality and naturally we bought the worst of the quality - some foul tasting shrip noodley things, with sauce as hot as your face. (Not your literally YOUR face, I mean 'your face' in the illustrative sense only).

Of course, what the noodles lacked in nutrition and oral delight they made up for in sporting potential and utlity and I was offered 1B (about 1.4p) to drink the entire noodle sauce. Naturally I accepted and gagged my way to the end. I immediately regretted my decision and I still do - there was no gain, no gain at all. Only stomach cramps and discoloured teeth for a few hours.

Matt's arm wasn't looking too great after his moped stunts so I hydrogen peroxided it, just for fun and to see him suffer as I had. (A vast exaggeration). All in all the ferry was uneventful but served up some laughs. Then there was a bus to Surat Thani, 2 taxis to random loactions and a final big ol' bus to Krabi where we caught a ferry to Ko Phi Phi.

We asked around and found some cheap accomadation (about 8 quid a night for all 3 of us) outside of town where we have stayed for 4 nights now - and they have been good nights! The first one was a quiet one filled with much needed sleep after a long day of travelling, the next day became an extention of the chilling out as we spent it on the beach playing a sweet game involving pulling a large rope around and building a 'sandcastle' (Will's effort; it looked more like a sand-face...where the face was a bad replica of Will's already ugly face...Will...Will is ugly...is what I'm saying here).

Naturally there was swimming and sunbathing and general kick-backing relaxing to the max, pax-man laxing to the slax-cham craxing. You get the idea. We then played "throw the sea-aspargum" which was more fun than it sounds (yes, it is possible).


We also located a cool little tailor: Phi Phi Fashion where we spent a little bit of time thinking about buying suits - something we all wanted but were enver entirely sure how or where to go about getting them done. Being us, the answer was always going to be Hell YEEEAAAAH from the moment we walked into the shop, but we spent an adequate amount of time making it look like we were being sensible mature human beings. So we had our measurements taken and and chose our fabrics.

Call us typical or unoriginal for buying suits in Thailand but my goodness I'm glad I did it and I will be doing it again - there is...no down side... Plus, think of all the little children you're helping...to find enployment.

Then twas homewards where we showered and sang songs - not simulatneously you'll be suprised to hear. apart from Matt, who HAS to sing "I'm A Little Teapot" everytime he comes into contact with water... We don't take him to foam parties.

We ate pizza that night to give our stomaches a break. Then we went out and investigated all the free drinks that were being given away at the various clubs etc. They were all good but we were going to need more if we were to get drunk. Sadly we had little money to spend since we were buying suits so we were stuck with having to try to drink for free.

Being generally unattractive (except for Will but he has a girlfriend, the thoughtless bastard) we could not sell our bodies for drink in a sexual way...

So instead, we headed down to the local Muai Thai boxing club/pub, where Will and I slung on the hot-pants and jumped in the ring. Not knowing how to Muai Thai fight, we ripped out an old school pro-wrestlig display (just to prove we still have 'it') and, once the the chaos had subsided, we were awarded with free buckets of booze - success!!


After a while of high-fives and such we coughed up for a bottle of rum which was swigged on a street corner, singing Tencaious D, listening to music, having "how far can you jump/hop/walk on your hands etc" competitions with the various people that passed us by until eventually we staggered home and collapsed into a lovely, drunken slumber.

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