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Mmmm, Pai

we go raving then shoot of to the town of Pai where we spend our last few days in Thailand

sunny -17 °C

Having run out of things to do in Chiang Mai, we decided to leave and head north by minibus to a smallish town called Pai...so we did. Not, however, before getting drunk and spending a night in Bubble, one of the major "night clubs" in Chiang Mai, where we arrived just in time for 2-hours of Cyber-Trance!

Being no strangers to the rave we quickly got our sweat on and elbowed our way through the hordes of strange, strange...people (the genders were ambiguous) to the middle of the dance floor - mission success we decided.


When it finally closed we tried to leave but had lost Will's cloak-room ticket for his bag (I still think Will ate it to absorb the alcohol in his stomach...desperate times y'know). Anyhoo, after being told that we'd have to pay something like 600 Baht (about £10) to get his bag back, Will decided that enough was enough, seized his back and we fled the scene, returning only once to claim back some Diet Pepsi that we'd left outside.

So anyway; Pai. We took a 4ish hour mini-bus that zoomed through the twisted mountains of northern Thailand, making my hangover much, much worse. I survived none-the-less and, upon arrival in Pai, we checked in to a cool little guesthouse which even gave us a TV!! Naturally we spent the evening eating the local cuisine then watching cartoons until the wee hours of the morning.

The next day we rented mopeds all over and again and whizzed off to see the local attractions - first stop being the hot springs...oh yes...


Am I naked? I guess we'll never know. What we do know though is that the hot springs were hot and MOST relaxing, so we spent a good deal of time chilling out and exfoliaing with the stones that were scattered about the palce. Naturally Matt managed to exfoliate-away all his sun-cream and subsequently burnt horribly over the next few hours...foolish child.

After the hot springs we headed north, searching for a very elusive waterfall. During our search, we came across Pai Gorge which Will and I explored for a fair while. Knowing that my shoes lacked grip I cleverly left them behind and traversed the agonisingly stoney ground in bare feet...

This foolish mistake because even worse as the ground warmed up in the midday sun and left me scampering about like a monkey with a taser up it's butt. Oooo, speaking of which we saw a little monkey in Pai, he was very VERY cute, see here now;


But yes, we eventually found the waterfall and it was by far my favourite so far. In a secluded cave it was possibly the tallest one that we found and had lots of cool caves and trees to play in too :)


Matt is in there...you see him?

Then we headed home via another, less impressive waterfall. Home once again involved eating and tattoo planning.

Since we only stayed 2 nights in Pai, that was our last night and we once again watched cartoons and chilled out, having had an AWESOME dinner. So many cartoons did we watch (they only had discovery channel and nicoldeaononaonwhatever) that we got hungry again and went out for a midnight curry which was...dubious.

The next day we whizzed around some more and then caught a bus back to Chiang Mai where we spent the evening at the night market (again...have I told you we'd already been there twice? No? Well we had). I bought loads of new crap, as did Matt. Will however went home early since he'd been feeling mighty shitty after our midnight curry, the poor old fellow.

Then I gave a fashion show of my new clothes


The next day we got up early and attended a day-long Thai Massage course which was duely hilarious, especially since the lady said all her 'L's as 'R's...i.e. "rift the reg here, bending, then pressing a coupre times, first very rightry, then medium, hard, then circre the thumb..."

We controlled our laughter quite easily however, since we were far too busy feeling awkward as we practised our massage on each other... Or rather, I massaged Will, he massaged me and Matt massaged an old Thai lady... "Press deeeep in the groin there..." OOOooooohhh YEEEEAAAAHHHHH

After the joys of learning submission holds, we tuk-tuked to the cinema and watched the first 40 mins of Harry Potter after perusing the scariest Mall in all the world...there was something just...odd about the whole place...


Then it was an uncomfy bus ride all the way back to Bangkok where we found a place to sleep before heading out into KoSarn road where we pissed-about and eventually got Henna Tattoos. Mine went very, very wrong and Matt's got smudged so badly that now his thumb is lovely shade of brown. Will's went perfectly...of course.


I hailed a girl called Alicia (I didn't know that when I hailed her) in the middle of the road and invited her to come eat and drink with us. She agreed and we spent a fair few hours in Gaylord Indian restarurant havnig a laugh. Then Will and Matt went to bed, while Alicia and I fought our way through ping-pong shows to a night market, where we wandered around enjoying the atmosphere and buying more funky things.

Then we tuk-tuked home and said bye.

We got up at 06:00, ate some food and got on the plane...


The price...10 Baht

The King...Mr. Whiskey

We drank with...Steve

We lost...many things (including Steve)

Injuries, illnesses and strange skin conditions...frequent and reoccurring

The duration...24 days

The fun....MAXIMAL

The unfun...minimal?

3 travelling girls but only 2 beds....


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